BTS V’s Savage Response To A Fan Telling Him Not To Get Tattoos Goes Viral

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BTS V is making headlines again for being an absolute savage king!

Recently, BTS V talked about getting tattoos with his bandmates and one fan didn’t like that idea one bit.

On April 6, a fan wrote to Weverse, ‘dont get tattoos!!!!’ and BTS V had the most epic savage response to that, he wrote,

“I’ll deal with it on my own. I have talked about getting friendship tattoos with the members.

We will get friendship tattoos one day, please look forward to it.”

His savage response quickly became a trending topic with fans applauding V for his bold response. Many fans also spoke about how BTS are grown ups and free to do whatever they want with their bodies and fans shouldn’t be telling them what or what not to do.

Recently, BTS V gained attention when photos of him smoking backstage at the Grammys became viral.

What do you think of V’s savage response?

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  1. No one has the wright to tell anyone not to get tatoos or what ever I personaly think a guy with a tat is hot and yes I even have some ‘

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