BTS V Opens Up About His True Feelings Regarding His Personality, Relationships, BTS Members Support For Each Other And More In Interview With Vogue

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V, a talented and handsome member of the popular group BTS, has expressed his true feelings about his personality, relationships, BTS members’ support for each other’s solo activities, and more in an interview with Vogue.

On September 20, Vogue Korea released V’s pictorial and subsequent interviews outside New York, USA. V, who took his first solo photoshoot 10 years after his debut, showed a fashionista-like appearance, looking perfect in various fashion looks and colorful jewelry.

In a subsequent interview, when asked if he tends to respond calmly to unexpected situations, V shared,

I look relaxed, but honestly, I’m not relaxed. I’m just pretending. But because of that, I’ve come to think in the right way. I act with the belief that even if what I think may not be the correct answer, still my thoughts will be the best. It’s not like I don’t feel pressured, but I don’t regret my actions. I think I should act rightly for those who love me. Even when I get hurt and have a hard time, I am healthy and happy thanks to our ARMY (fandom name), members, family, and friends.”

Also, when asked what a relationship means to him, he said,

I tend to cherish relationships with people. I like people, and the artists, directors, writers, and reporters are all precious. In the past, I was hurt by seeing myself seen only as V and just as a kind of personal connection, so I shielded myself, but I still like people. The people who are beside me now are the precious people who made me who I am now.”

Regarding the BTS members’ solo activities, V said,

We really support each other a lot. Recently, at Suga’s house, the members had time to play all their solo songs, and some of us danced and everyone was saying ‘Great’, it was crazy. I think it’s because we prepared music of our own colors, maybe that’s why we’re very passionate and actively making music. It’s nice to see as we love each other.”

Finally, V wants to do various activities, but he talked about the pressure he had to take to be a BTS member, “I was very grateful that ARMYs understood our feelings in the right way. Thanks to you, I’ve been relieved of the burden a little bit.

Doesn’t he look gorgeous on the cover of Vogue?

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  1. Taehyung I love you and always support you at your worst and best !! We will be always there for you Kim Taehyung ♥️ We too enjoy your craziness in music and your hobby . Take care of your health and say hii to your family by my side … Miss you Kim Tae Hope we’ll meet soon !! You look so dazzling in the photoshoot , so please don’t break our heart by your Look ❤️‍ !! I should tell “ Cute Never Fails For You “

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