BTS’ V Opens Up About His Own Struggles With Bullying While Cheering Up A Fan

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Everyone fell in love with BTS’s V again through a recent broadcast on V Live. The idol was comforting a fan who was having trouble with her friend, V opened up about his own struggles with bullying and revealed that he was bullied by his ‘best friend.’

The fan has been afraid she might lose her friend because recently, her relationship with a very popular friend in her high school fell through.

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V opened up saying,

“Its okay. the same thing had happened to me. I also once almost lost all of my friends because of this one friend I had.

He was good at school and also did sports, he was good at everything while I was just plain average. We were close, but then I started to feel that he didn’t like me or think of me as a friend, but rather thought of me as someone beneath him.

I noticed that but we remained friends anyways.

And on that friend’s birthday, he said to me at school that he was going to have a birthday part. Back then gift certificates were the trend so he asked everyone to buy him a gift certificate and come to the party over the weekend.

So, I bought him a gift certificate and went to his house. Then I found out that he purposely didn’t tell me where the party would be, I was the only one who wasn’t informed by that. I ended up waiting there for three hours while trying to find out where I should go.

I spent hours trying to contact him and when he finally answered the phone he told me where they had been. I went there and gave him the gift certificate and said ‘its time for me to go home now’ and I walked home crying so hard.”

Despite all of that, V then found out the reason he told his fans. He explained,

“I later found out he was jealous of me because I got along with our friends so well. He had told me that after some time had passed.

Honestly, its something that happened back in elementary school, and we were so young back then. He then apologized to me around 2 years later. We were awkward for a while after that incident but he apologized sincerely to me so I thanked him.”

V then told fans that after he debuted with BTS and went back to his hometown he ran into that friend, and treated him to a cup of coffee.

God bless this angel~

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