BTS V Has This Message To Tell Sasaengs Who Continuously Invade Their Privacy On Planes And Harass Them

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BTS V has recently touched on the subject of scary sasaeng encounters!

On October 14, BTS V held a live broadcast on V Live. For almost 37 minutes, he talked to fans about all sorts of things and answered their questions. He talked about how he wants to keep his hair the way it is right now, and how he plans on releasing his next song on SoundCloud when it’s ready.

Towards the end of the broadcast, V said that he felt that he should say this to sasaengs.

Sasaengs are obsessive so-called fans who invade their idols’ privacy and continuously stalk them everywhere.

He said,

“I feel like I should say this on the behalf of our team.

You know how we… we get on a plane by ourselves, on the flight you know, a chartered flight, we fly on a chartered flight but we actually want to on a regular flight instead.

But when we travel short or long distant flights. They might find out beforehand, and sit next to us or in front of us. There are those people…. but in those private places, we can’t; relax as much as we want to, so we were a bit uncomfortable.

To be frank with you, we would like you to stop doing that.”

When a fan asked him if he felt scared during such instances, after a long pause, he replied with,

“Yes, it’s really scary.”

BTS members had touched on the topic of sasaeng previously, but it seems that it has gotten to the point of being such a nuisance that BTS V felt the need to personally address this in hopes of these sasaengs to stop harassing them all the time. He also never once called them ‘fans’ while addressing the situation.

Many idols deal with such type of so-called fans who make idols lives all that more difficult. More and more idols are speaking up about these issues, recently, Kai also warned sasaengs to leave their dorm before he called the police.

You can watch the broadcast here.

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