BTS To Meet President Biden At The White House To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

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BTS continues to be the trendsetters!

On May 26, it was revealed that BTS will be joining President Joe Biden to discuss racial discrimination, anti-Asian hate crimes, and more.

In 2021, there has been a rise in attacks on Asians in many places around the world, back then, BTS tweeted about the crimes and took a stance.

An official press release by the White House has since gone viral. It states that BTS and Joe Biden will meet to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. AANHPI Heritage Month is held in May each year.

The press release also goes on to call BTS ‘youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world’

HYBE is yet to make an official comment on the press release and its unknown whether they will meet in-person or virtually. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

After the announcement went out, fans celebrated by trending various hashtags on social media.

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