TRENDING: BTS Is Taking A Group Hiatus, Here Is Why

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BTS will be taking a hiatus from their group activities.

On June 14, BTS celebrated 2022 FESTA with an hour-long video. The members sat down for a meal and some drinks. During the video, they spoke about many subjects and touched on the most important part that has since gone viral, their group hiatus.

During the video, BTS revealed to fans they will be taking an extended hiatus from group activities. The news came as a huge shock to the fans and the members spent a good portion of the video discussing what led to making this decision.

RM said, ‘I want BTS to go for a long time, and in order for that to happen I think I have to retain who I am, I am not BTS, I am just a part of BTS.’

RM also revealed that the problem with the kpop industry is that they don’t give you time to mature. Jimin said they’re going through a rough patch now as they think about what type of artists they want to be remembered by their fans. J-hope called it their second chapter.

According to the BTS members, they will be taking a group hiatus to focus on solo activities for the time being. However, they will continue Run BTS during this period. Other than that, some members already have solo activities lined up.

At the end of the video, RM broke down in tears crying and the rest of the members also started to wipe their tears. RM says they are not perfect but they’ve always been sincere with the fans.

You can check out the full video of the announcement down below!

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