BTS Takes Home 7 Awards At 2022 The Fact Music Awards, RM Says, “A Lot Of Things Will Be Sorted Out Soon”

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BTS has made history at 2022 The Fact Music Awards!

On October 8, 2022 The Fact Music Awards was held. BTS were among the attendees and walked home with 7 awards, being the most awarded artist tonight. Added to that, they took home the Daesang [grand prize] for the 5th consecutive year, extending their record as the most-awarded artist with Daesangs for The Fact Music Awards.

During his speech, RM touched on many things and assured ARMY everything will be okay.

RM said,

I saw many cool artists ahead of us, and honestly, I am not sure if we performed cooler and better than them. So, I feel humbled…. However, I think it is the result of showing the love, gratitude and genuine feelings we accumulated hard for the past 10 years.

First of all, you all worked hard and well. To be honest with you, I wanted to say whats on our mind for a lot of things that have been going on like we used to do, but given the current circumstances, I can’t do that.

I believe a lot of things will be sorted out soon, and hope we can go back to being our candid selves soon. I’ll stop here for now.”

RM also mentioned their October 15 concert in Busan and asked the fans to look forward to it.

Congratulations to BTS!

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