BTS Suga Reportedly Enlisting As Public Service Worker, Big Hit Responds

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BTS Suga will likely be assigned as a social worker and will be the only member excluded from active duty during military enlistment.

According to the military authorities on December 13th, there is a high possibility that Suga, who has postponed his enlistment until 2023, will be assigned as a social worker and work in a government office. In response to the report, a source from Big Hit music declined to confirm the news citing that it was the artist’s privacy and thus, no more information about it will be shared.

In November 2020, Suga underwent surgery to suture the ruptured labrum in the left shoulder area. However, the military authorities said, “Even if you are assigned as a social service worker, you can go to active duty if you wish to serve in active duty.”

BTS received a recommendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to postpone their enlistment in accordance with the 2020 revised Military Service Act, and their enlistment was postponed until the end of this year.

The revision of the Military Service Act caused controversy, and Big Hit Music, the agency, directly created the plan for BTS’ enlistment. On the 4th of November, Jin (Kim Seok Jin), the oldest in the group at the age of 30 and born in 1992, submitted a request to cancel the postponement of enlistment to the Military Manpower Administration and withdrew the postponement of enlistment.

After Jin, the eldest member of BTS, enlisted on December 13th, it is expected that the rest of the members will also enlist in 2023. RM and J-Hope, born in 1994, must enlist in 2025, Jimin and V, born in 1995, in 2026, and youngest Jungkook, born in 1997, in 2028.

Jin enlisted in the Army 5th Division Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, and will receive basic military training for five weeks before being deployed to the frontline unit.

Prior to the enlistment, Big Hit Music said, “There is no separate official event on the day of enlistment, and fans are requested to refrain from visiting the site to prevent safety accidents due to crowd at the site.” The military also explained, “For site safety control, local governments and related organizations will consult and operate a general situation room, and the fire department will have ambulances on standby in preparation for emergency patients.”


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