BTS Suga Becomes The Brand Ambassador Of Italian Luxury Brand Valentino

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BTS Suga has been selected as the brand ambassador of the Italian luxury brand Valentino.

On January 17, Maison Valentino, an Italian luxury fashion house brand, announced that they have selected BTS member Suga as Valentino’s brand ambassador.

Suga embodies Valentino’s contemporary ‘DIVA.’ ‘DIVA’ is an abbreviation for DI.fferent VA.lues, meaning a character whose code of Maison symbolizes multifaceted characteristics embedded in inner values. DIVA is empathetic, intelligent, and romantic. For creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, DIVA is the essence of sincerity, progressive ideals, and diversity that conveys the value of Maison and further leads to change.

Suga is a member of the group BTS, who has been considered a global pop icon and has constantly built his own style as a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. He conveys values and brings out change through his unique style and music world.

Suga also works under the stage name Agust D, so he has the ability to freely express the value of the brand. He embodies the identity and value of the generation he represents in his own impromptu and contemporary way.

Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director of Valentino welcomed Suga by expressing,

“Suga is a multi-faceted artist. He is an interpreter in many ways and expresses himself with energy and sincerity through his talents and works.
He perfectly embodies everything that a DIVA stands for, including diversity, inclusion, creativity, and passion.
We are truly pleased to be with him and we are confident that we will work together on various beautiful works in the future.”

While BTS Suga expressed his joy on his new partnership with Valentino, saying,

“Everyone has different dreams, and every one pursues different values. Maison Valentino and creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli have supported this very thought about diversity, and so have I.
I’m happy to be Valentino’s DIVA and I’m truly happy to be with the Maison Valentino Essentials campaign.”

Meanwhile, Suga will join the campaign of the “MAISON VALENTINO ESSENTIALS” collection.

Are you excited to see him do campaigns with Valentino?

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