BTS To Collab With Rapper Snoop Dogg On New Song

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Media outlet AV Club reported the news today, March 25, that BTS will work on a new song with rapper Snoop Dogg.

After months of fan speculation, Snoop Dogg said in an interview with AV, that BTS and he will be working on a song together. He added that BTS makes good music, and so does he and that the project is about bringing two worlds together.

Fans of BTS are sure to know that the group has wanted to work with Snoop Dogg for some time, and now they will finally be able to do so.

Snoop Dogg previously worked with other K-pop acts including 2NE1 and Girl’s Generation.

Recently, BTS’ J-hope was diagnosed with COVID-19 and is expected to recover in time to work on projects by next month.

How excited are you for BTS and Snoop Dogg’s to collab? Let us know.

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