BTS RM Expresses Displeasure After A Chief Monk Discloses Chats They Had From His Private Visit To His Temple

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BTS RM has expressed his displeasure over articles being published about his private visit to Hwaeomsa Temple and the disclosure of his private chats by the chief monk.

On January 5, RM shared some posts on his Instagram story about Monk Deokmun, the chief monk of Hwaeomsa Temple, where he wrote, “Thank you for the good time, but I didn’t expect you will publish an article about this. I will quietly go to another temple next time.”

According to Hwaeomsa Temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, RM visited Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do on December 29 for a two-day visit with music producer Gangsan.

Since then, Hwaeomsa Temple has drawn attention by disclosing the contents of the chat between RM and Monk Deokmun on January 4. However, RM expressed embarrassment and displeasure over the content of the chats with Monk Deokmun being published.

At that time, Monk Deokmun asked RM, “Are you upset that you couldn’t get a military exemption?” and RM replied, expressing his honest thoughts, “Of course, I want to fulfill my duties as a Korean citizen. Only then can we talk about rights. I will think of it as an adult time.”

In response, Monk Deokmun said, “A year and a half of your life of about 80 years will be a valuable time to look back on yourself for a while where you don’t spend it on doing hobbies. I hope you become BTS RM who does great music even when his head turns white as you get older.”

Earlier, there was a political debate over BTS‘s military service benefits, but all BTS members officially announced their plans to join the military.

BTS Jin was the first member of the BTS to join the military on December 13. As a trainee of the 5th Infantry Division of the Republic of Korean Army, he will complete basic military training until January 17 and serve in the 5th Division.

Meanwhile, RM released his first solo album “Indigo” on December 2 and ranked third on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” for the first time as a Korean solo artist. RM is active as the MC of tvN’s entertainment program “The Dictionary Of Useless Human Knowledge.”

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