[BREAKING] BTS Performing at 2018 Billboard Music Awards

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Its happening, fans theories have been proven true yet again!

BTS has only recently announced their return with a new album set for May 18.

Shortly after, it was revealed that BTS has been yet again nominated for “Top Social Artist” award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards which will be held on May 20.

Fans have started theories that BTS might actually be having their first comeback stage on the American awards show. Fans theories came to life when the twitter account of Billboard Music Awards announced that the group will be performing at the awards show through a tweet that has since then gone viral.

They will be performing their newest single on the awards show.

Who’s excited?

My Reaction

I bet all the army fanbase are pretty happy right now! From a spectator I am just in awe of BTS’s success overseas, I am glad that they’re achieving their dreams and breaking stereotypes with their presence.

I can’t wait to see what records the group will be breaking with their upcoming release. What an exciting time to be alive! This is a win not only to BTS but to the rest of the Kpop fandom.

Kpop is taking over y’all!

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