BTS Felt Embarrassed By The Possibility of Getting Military Exemption? An Insider Reveals How They Truly Felt

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Why are BTS names always used in relation to military exemption? An insider speaks up and clarifies the boys’ stance.

Previously, culture minister Park Yang Woo told the press that BTS will not be exempted from the military as previously suggested. The boys will have to serve their country like all other males in South Korea with Jin being the first due to his age; he turns 28 next year and must report to duty by then.

Since BTS are huge and have benefited the South Korean economy beyond what anyone had initially predicted, many started discussing whether the boys should be granted exemption due to their immense contribution and popularity.

However, as time went by it became burdensome for the boys and the fandom who started heavily criticizing news outlets for always attaching BTS name to the military exemption proposal every single time.

The funny is, BTS never asked to be exempt. A recent statement from an industry insider says the boys aren’t even disappointed with losing on the military exemption. The members are reportedly thankful for the opportunity to serve their country.

Another source from Big Hit says the boys feel embarrassed and confused about the rumors of a possible military exemption.

Interestingly, Big Hit avoided releasing many statements about this touchy subject, which is a very clever move on their side, they only released one statement relating to this subject and despite numerous articles that followed, Big Hit never followed up with another statement. The subject of military enlistment is very sensitive in South Korea; netizens also feel strongly about idols who attempt to evade their military service, which could explain Big Hit decision to be a bystander to the subject as it unfolded.

ARMY are furious with news outlets for always attaching BTS name to something they never truly addressed or got involved in. The exemption was being discussed not only for BTS but many other hallyu stars who had done so much for their country but BTS were put upfront because of their immense contribution.

As culture minister Park Yang Woopreviously stated, the biggest issue with passing military laws related to idols and Kpop was,

“Unlike classical arts or sports, it is difficult to fix the criteria of the selection in the popular culture and arts fields, which makes it difficult to institutionalize (a waiver system).”

ARMY wish that news outlets would stop attaching BTS name to this every time an article comes up now that the subject was discussed and the exemption was denied.

The oldest member, Jin is up first for military enlistment. According to Korean Military laws, he must enlist by 2020.

What do you think of this?

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  1. To be honest, everyone knows the will serve regardless.
    I personally think the media should leave the subject alone. They will go and it’s about time people accepted it. BTS actually want to serve because first, it’s their country. Second it’s an honor for them and their families.

  2. i think there should have never been any exemptions in the first place. that is why they are having such discussions because they can no longer justify the reasons for the exemptions. it has become a gray area, so subjective that everyone finds loopholes. The ministry shiuld probably just revise the ruling instead of talking about who to exempt or not. why dont they shorten the term to 1 year. its a different tine now, so many changes have happened from the time they drafted the law so the ministry i think should adjust with the times.
    i am very sure BTS want and feel honored to serve the country, its just the timing of the enlistment that makes it an issue.
    just my thoughts

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