BTS Members Reveal They Have Moved Out From The Dorm And Are Living Separately

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BTS members have confirmed they left their dorm and are now living separately.

On June 14, BTS celebrated 2022 FESTA with an hour-long video. The members sat down for a meal and some drinks. During the video, they spoke about many subjects including their indefinite group hiatus.

Another topic that gained attention was their living condition. Fans were under the impression that the members still occupied a dorm space and lived mostly together. Although there have been rumors that some members moved out when news of some of them purchasing apartments became public, the members haven’t publicly commented on the matter at length.

The subject of whether BTS still lived in a dorm became a hot topic and was discussed whenever news about a member purchasing an apartment was made public.

During the video, the members confirmed they now live separately and they’ve come to appreciate each other even more after doing so. They explained that they will be ending their dorm living space because the lease has come to an end too.

While reminiscing about their time spent in the dorm, they explained it was time they lived separately since they had lived together for so long.

You can check out the full video which has English subtitles below!

Are you surprised to hear BTS no longer live together?

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