BTS Members Finally Open Up About Why They Considered Disbandment In 2018

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2018 was a wild ride for BTS and fans didn’t know that a lot was happening that year until 2018 MAMA was held and Jin spoke about the struggles they’ve been through.

During their final speech after they won “Artist Of The Year”, the members began crying as each one delivered a speech thanking ARMY, Big Hit and Bang Si Hyuk among many others as well.

What shocked ARMY was that they found out that BTS was even thinking of disbanding in early 2018, Jin said,

“I am reminded of the beginning of this year, things were really difficult. When we were having a hard time (mentally) we even thought about disbanding too. However, we put ourselves together again. The fact that we were able to still bring in such good results is really astonishing and such a relief.

I wanted to thank my members who put their hearts together again and those who will always love us, no, to ARMY who will always love us, thank you so much.”

Aside from Jin talking about this, the rest of BTS members haven’t touched on that much after the award ceremony… until now.

Recently, BTS released their new docuseries “Break The Silence,” and during the first episode, the members opened up about 2018 and why it was an important year for them.

Jungkook said,

“A lot of things happened in 2018, there were many difficult moments but there were also a lot of good things that happened as well.

I think we’re e-evaluating our position, our actions, and things like that every year. So looking back at what happened in 2018, it makes me think, ‘what kind of path will I be on in 2019?’ and I thought about it a lot that year, and my concerns doubled then as well.”

Suga also spoke about 2018, saying,

“I think it’s because things became hard at the start of that year. There were a lot of things to think about at the time, and there were lots of doubts about this work.

It was on all of our minds that year since the job constantly demands that you be on a roller coaster ride. It turned out to be a year where we were able to reflect on ourselves. That’s what I think.”

J-Hope said,

“In 2018, I think a lot of unexpected things happened then.

Honestly, it felt a bit scary because we never expected so many things to come our way, and we were actually doing them.”

What do you think of what BTS had to say about this?

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  1. These poor boys, as an army, if they were going to disband I would NOT be mad, I’m not them and I don’t know what they have to go through, Although it would be devastating, I would pull through because they truly are amazing and have done so much for army’s lives and the k-pop industry. I’m very glad they didn’t disband and very glad they keep on going strong. they truly are amazing! I purple you! byeee

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