BTS Jungkook Finally Comfortable Enough To Show Off His Tattoos In A New Video To Fans

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We finally got a clear look at BTS Jungkook’s tattoos and they’re epic!

On May 3 KST, BTS Jungkook surprised fans with a sweet video of a rendition of Lauv’s “Never Not”!

Fans were over the moon to hear his sweet voice; he wore a grey oversized t-shirt showing off his tattoos clearly for the first time. Jungkook fans didn’t know what to focus on, his voice, his tattoos, or his handsome face, so they trended all of those worldwide on twitter.

Jeon Jungkook is the top trending hashtag on twitter worldwide trends, the keywords ‘his voice’ and ‘his tattoos’ are also trending on twitter. The video has also accumulated more than 2.7 million views as of this writing and it hasn’t even been one hour since Jungkook dropped the video.

Check out the beautiful cover below, plus some of fans reactions:

what do you think of his tattoos?

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