BTS Jungkook Expresses Frustration At Sasaengs Who Showed Up At His Gym

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BTS Jungkook has publicly spoken about an encounter he’s had with sasaengs recently.

On March 4, Jungkook held a Weverse Live session and talked to ARMY for hours, he sang, read comments and reacted to things. During the live session, Jungkook became serious as he recalled a recent experience he’s had with sasaengs [obsessive s-called fans who disrespect idols privacy]. Jungkook talked about people following him to the gym and asked fans to not look for him if he’s not doing an official schedule.

He said, “yes, I am drunk. I am saying this because I am drunk. Other ARMY can come if they’d like to but they don’t and keep boundaries. Its been a while since I’ve seen ARMY in my personal space.”

Jungkook repeatedly said he’s thankful for all the fans love and support but he’s not ok with them coming to his personal schedules like that. Additionally, he talked about how he wasn’t able to address this issue much back in the day but now can as he’s a senior artist and feels ARMY can understand him and he can express himself more freely talking about the topic of sasaengs.

Many fans have shown concern for the idol in response to the recent live and wish the obsessive sasaengs would not show up unannounced.

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