BTS Jungkook Defends His Choice To Get Tattoos, Touches On Whether He’d Ever Remove Them

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BTS Jungkook has recently touched on his tattoos in his famous Weverse live.

Recently, Jungkook held a lengthy Weverse live to talk to fans in a while, and during the live broadcast, he discussed the topic of his tattoos and some of his fans being split on whether it was a good idea he got them or not.

For the first time ever, Jungkook openly talked about his tattoos and the public reception of it showing he’s aware of how some fans dislike it.

Jungkook stated that removing tattoos is painful and he doesn’t like pain. He also mentioned that he understands why some people want to get rid of their tattoos but for him, removing them would mean denying his past self.

He said,

Removing them is painful. I don’t like pain. Removing them hurts, and I heard it takes a while too.
I understand why some people want to get them removed but…really? Because, it’s something that I’ve wanted. That’s why they remain on my body. If I remove them, that means I am denying my past self.”

However, he mentioned that he is open to removing them if there is a requirement to do so, but otherwise, he doesn’t see it as necessary.

During the live broadcast, he also gave fans a look at each one of his tattoos and explained the meaning behind all of them for the first time ever to the delight of fans.

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