BTS Jungkook Attends IU Concert Day 2, J-Hope Reportedly Also Attended

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And the biggest IU fanboy award goes to….. BTS’s Jungkook who has attended day 2 of her concert.

Previously, we reported that Jungkook was spotted on Day 1 of IU’s sold-out concert. He was spotted by fans enjoying his time at the concert and one lucky fan had shared photos of him.

As most fans probably already know, Jungkook has expressed his admiration and respect for IU many times in the past. He talked about how much he loves her music and respects her as a sunbae artist. He also said he wanted to collaborate with her one day.

On September 18, Day 2 of the concert was held and Jungkook was spotted attending again. One fan shared a video of Jungkook carrying a lightstick accompanied by personals to the venue, he was looking happy skipping towards the venue for the concert.

Another fan also shared a photo of Jungkook. Some fans accounts reported that Jungkook was singing along to IU’s songs and waving the lightstick. He was also reportedly spotted with the pillow that were gifted by IU’s mother for the concertgoers.

Other fans report seeing J-Hope, however, there are no photos or videos that confirm this yet. J-Hope had made a guest appearance at IU’s YouTube show and fans loved their interactions back then.

Jungkook is one of the many many celebrities who attended IU’s concerts throughout the two days including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Joon Gi, members of TWICE, members of TXT, members of STAYC, Kim Yoo Jung, Heize, several members of THE BOYZ and many more.

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