BTS Jin Shares Never-Heard-Before Details About His Military Enlistment Planning, How He Decided On It And More

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BTS’s Jin has finally spoken up about his military enlistment in details!

On October 28, Jin held a Weverse live to celebrate his newest single “Astronaut”!

During the live show, he went into great details about everything leading up to the military enlistment, how they decided on it and more.

He revealed that after his return to Korea from Argentina, he will be writing his documents for military enlistment. This is as stated by Big Hit Music earlier this month.

He said,

“I originally meant to enlist in June, but in order to be courteous to fans, I waited until October Busan concert. I didn’t want a tearful performance so my announcement was delayed.”

He said that once promotions for “Permission to Dance” came to an end, the group decided that they would at least hold a concert before enlisting, but with the Grammy awards preparations wrapped up, Jin said he began preparing for it. He got the okay from the agency and wanted to enlist some time between May and June.

He says in June, they released the video announcing their group hiatus, Jin added, “we were indirectly sharing that we were going to the military.” Jin said he didn’t want to go to the military when it was cold and decided to be courteous to fans and go after wrapping up Busan’s concert.

Jin further explained that he didn’t want fans to watch the performance and feel sad, “I didn’t want the fans to watch our performance and be sad knowing it was the last.”

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