BTS Jin Addresses Fans Worries About Their Extremely Hectic Schedule

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BTS Jin had a lot to say when he sat down for a recent V Live broadcast to interact with fans.

In this recent broadcast, he sat down to eat and chat with fans. He talked about all sorts of things, from TXT, to their hectic schedules, pending comeback and their company strategy.

He answered questions about their upcoming album which is set to be released on April 12, he said that he couldn’t comment much about it because he has to check with the company, he says, ‘my company is sensitive about that.’

About the song and the album he simply said,

“The choreography is good, and the song is good. The music video didn’t come out yet, so I don’t know about that.

Other songs in the album are nice too. There’s something unique too.”

He also touched on a subject that is usually discussed among ARMY, their hectic schedule, he said,

“About our schedule.. I guess, we spent one third of it making money with all honesty, another one third is about practice and recording, our album covers and music videos, and the other third is about others.

Like our vacation. Content for ARMY, We spend our time like that. That’s why our album quality is so great. I believe the agency has good strategies, smart. The agency is so smart.”

BTS’s schedule has always been a constant source of worry for their fans, many ask the agency to give them time to rest. ARMY can rest assured that Big Hit is taking good care of their artists.

He also talked about why he thinks ARMY like Big Hit as well. He said,

“I am proud of my agency. Sometimes, fans of a group don’t like its agency. In our case, I think our fans like Big Hit.” “I am not saying this for my agency and I don’t want to say this to please Bang PD.

I don’t know whether he’s watching but I think our agency is a good one. I didn’t get any order to say this, but I believe our agency is a nice one.”

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