BTS Jimin Writes An Apology To Fans, Was He Referring To His Health Insurance Controversy Or Inactivity On Social Media?

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BTS Jimin has recently returned to Weverse with an apology post, surprising fans.

The post was uploaded after the BTS members returned from the White House. They’re back and busy preparing for their comeback which is happening soon.

Jimin took to Weverse to upload an apology, he wrote,

“Hello, ARMY, have you been well?

I was able to go to the U.S. I believe everyone is aware of the event we took part in. I am thankful and it was an honor that we were able to participate in this event on the behalf of ARMY from various races, countries, and cultures.

However, I thought I might be so inexperienced to be standing there on behalf of all of you.

I apologize for causing concerns due to my inexperienced actions. In the future, I will do my best to become more mature so I don’t cause concerns.

You must have been worried since I didn’t come visit often. I will come more often. I always miss you ARMY.”

Jimin’s letter came out of nowhere and was a surprise to fans. On Korean news outlets sites, they state that Jimin wrote this an apology for his health insurance controversy that happened nearly two months ago. Fans argue he’s either apologizing for not posting regularly on social media or apologizing for feeling inexperienced to have been invited to the White House to discuss such important issues.

Back in April it was reported that the National Health Insurance Service seized Jimin’s apartment at Nine One Hannam in Seoul on January 25 due to unpaid health insurance premiums. Big Hit Music issued a statement to clarify that it was their mistake. They said,

“Omission happened due to an error as the company is the first to receive the mail that arrives to the artist’s dorm. Due to Jimin’s activities overseas as well as his vacation, he was unaware of the situation. As soon as he’s found out, he paid the amount in full and at the present, the situation has been resolved.”

Back to the post.

Fans argue he is not apologizing for that controversy and is instead apologizing for not posting regularly to social media or because he felt inexperienced to have been invited to the White House. But it begs the question, why would Jimin write a long letter and apologize for simply being too busy to post to social media or for attending the White House meeting? and is it necessary for him to even apologize to fans for being unable to regularly interact with them? Or for going to the White House?

Netizens responses to the statement are mixed. Jimin does not elaborate on what he’s apologizing for exactly aside from saying he’s ‘inexperienced.’ He references ‘actions’ which could be interpreted differently depending on who you ask. What adds to the confusion is the fact that his controversy took place a while back so this post came out of nowhere. Back then, Jimin didn’t personally address it.

Jimin’s apology comes a week shy away from their comeback on June 10.

What do you think Jimin was apologizing for?

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