BTS Fan Calls Out Halsey For ‘Milking’ Their Friendship Because She Didn’t Speak Up About BTS Grammys Snub

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Halsey found herself in hot waters with ARMY!

The Grammys snub for BTS made headlines everywhere with people’s opinions divided, some calling out the award show for clearly taking advantage of the boys then snubbing them from well-deserved nominations while others say they saw it coming since the Grammys never paid attention to boy groups in the past as well.

There were many other notable names missing from the nomination lists of 2020 Grammys including Halsey who hasn’t received a single nomination this year despite her hit song topping charts throughout summer 2019.

If you’re wondering why we’re discussing this, it’s because it matters for what we’re about to dive into.

Halsey responded to one ARMY who called her out for ‘milking’ her friendship with BTS, this stems from Halsey standing up for Taylor Swift ongoing issue with her previous record label, when BTS was snubbed, according to some fans she didn’t tweet out something to call out the Grammys for not nominating BTS despite being good friends with them.

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This is the first altercation,

Later, she deleted that tweet and wrote something else asking her fans not to be frustrated,

She then faced backlash for saying ‘none of it matters,’ many fans (not ARMY, but of other singers) called her out on that saying that many artists need that nomination to get the attention they deserve. She later deleted that tweet and wrote another one seemingly addressing the BTS snub as well without directly mentioning the name,

She later deleted that tweet and wrote another one that directly addresses the BTS nomination snub calling out the music industry for being ‘far behind,’

This whole mess was created because one fan thinks that she should stand up for BTS and call out people every time they’re snubbed from something. However, many other ARMY called out that fan, is Halsey really responsible for always speaking up in defense of BTS because she’s their friend? What do you think of this?

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