BTS Commemorative Stamps To Be Issued In 2023

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In the new year, stamps having the world-class idol BTS will be issued.

The Post Office of the Ministry of Science and ICT announced today that it plans to issue a total of 23 kinds of commemorative stamps in 2023, including commemorative stamps for BTS.

Commemorative stamps are issued to commemorate historically important people, events, or meaningful events, and about 20 kinds are produced each year. The commemorative stamp issuance plan is deliberated and selected by the Stamp Issuance Review Committee composed of experts from all walks of life, including university professors.

BTS Commemorative stamps will be issued in the first half of next year under the theme of “Record of Youth.” The specific stamp design will be decided in consultation with the agency HYBE.

Pororo’s commemorative stamp, which has become a representative character in Korea since its first broadcast in 2003, will express gratitude and congratulations for love around the world.

There are also beautiful Korean stamps to promote the importance of Hangeul(Korean language alphabets), unfamiliar but beautiful vegetable flowers, and honeybee commemorative stamps that play an important role in the ecosystem.

In addition, personal stamps such as independence activist Kim Sang Ok’s 100th anniversary of his death, Jean Henri Fabre’s 200th birthday, and foreigners who devoted themselves to Korean independence have been issued. They are also considering issuing stamps wishing for success in the CSAT on the day of the CSAT in 2023.

Sohn Seung Hyun, the head of the Korea Post expressed, “Stamps are a means to express our precious culture beyond the meaning of simple fare money vouchers. We will actively try to promote the culture that represents Korea through commemorative stamps.”

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