BTS Breaks World Records By Becoming The First Kpop Group To Ever Win A Billboard Music Award

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BTS has finally done it, and with the help of the massive army fanbase they made history happen yesterday.

Not long ago Billboard announced that BTS Just Broke The World Record With 300 Million Votes For Billboard Music Awards with 300 million votes stunning everybody out there.

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And yesterday, with full pride BTS took home Top Social Artist award. The boys attended the ceremony held on May 21st in Las Vegas, they had went up against Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Shawn Mendes.

Whats note worthy is that they also broke Justin Bieber’s award winning record, as he has been the solo artist who won the award for the past 6 years  ever since 2011.

BTS is now the first K-Pop group to take home a trophy at the Billboard Music Awards!

During their acceptance speech they looked very happy to be accepting such an honor and Rap Monster said:

“We still cannot believe that we’re standing here on this stage at the Billboard Music Awards. It is so great to see all the artists we admire, and we feel honored to be in this category with all these great artists right in front of us.”

Here is the full acceptance speech of Rap Monster as published by Billboard themselves:


BTS became the first EVER kpop act to win such an award, and the second one since PSY took home the Top Streaming Song award for “Gangnam Style” back in 2013.

BTS with last year’s release became the kpop group with the highest ranking album on Billbooard 200, and have been killing it on the billboard charts breaking many records.

Congrats to our boys.

My Reaction

Do you know how happy I was when I woke up to this news? I must admit I am not a BTS fan and I don’t listen to their music, but I was so happy they won.

I do like the boys and think they’re talented, but the fact that they won and that kpop is exploding in popularity is a win to all of us not just BTS out there and this thought alone makes me so happy.

Not only that but they also broke Justin Bieber’s record, it may only be social artist award but its enough to put them out there to be aknowlegded in front of everybody.

The boys looked so happy to be there and everybody stood up for them while they accepted their award.

Congrats to BTS once again, and a special thank you to all the armys out there who made this possible even without BTS asking them to vote.

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