BTS And John Cena Have A Sweet Interaction, John Cena Announces He’s An Army To The World

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John Cena was the talk of Kpop town a lot lately for posting photos of J-Hope; in an interview he later confirmed he was a fan of the group and an army.

BTS is currently in America doing rounds of interviews promoting their newest release “Love Yourself: Tear,” in an interview with ET, they were asked about John Cena and if they ever had the chance to meet him.

The boys said that they never had the chance to meet him but would love to, they also talked about being fans of the wrestler back when they were kids, and J-hope turned to the camera and sweetly called out “John Cena”!

Jimin then turned to the camera and asked,

“John Cena, are you ARMY?”

John Cena later caught wave of the interview and posted a sweet personal video to his twitter account to answer Jimin’s question, in Korean he said,

““BTS, I’m goondae (Korean word for army).”

We hope that they get to meet each other in the future!

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