Cube Entertainment Issues A Statement Asking Mnet To Apologize Over “Street Man Fighter” Crew Name And Logo Resembling BTOB’s, Mnet Changes Name But No Apology

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Ahead of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” premiere, a particular dance crew name gained attention and a lot of backlash for Mnet.

Mnet announced the premiere of “Street Man Fighter” along with the names of the dance crews recently. One of the dance crews is named BANK TWO BROTHERS and is stylized as “BIIB.” This angered BTOB fans because the name resembles the group’s and is pronounced in Korean similarly.

Fans also believe the logo was also similar to BTOB’s. This led to confusion and fans asking Mnet for a clarification.

After that, Cube Entertainment was made aware of the situation and they ended up issuing a stern statement asking Mnet to stop using the stylization of BIIB and for the crew to also change the logo.

Cube explained that the logo and slogan of the dance crew was similar to BTOB, “we have informed Mnet that the trademark rights of BTOB’s logo and name are already registered and this could lead to infringement of rights and we strongly requested an apology for the related contents.”

Cube said they had requested for the crew name and logo to be changed and received a response from Mnet that they would be doing so

When Mnet posted a response, it was met with a lot of backlash for the wording. Mnet said,

The stylization ‘BIIB’ (BTOB in Korean) was already being used by BANK TWO BROTHERS prior to their appearance on ‘Street Man Fighter.’

However, as we are aware of the confusion the stylization is causing, in order to reduce the confusion and optimize functionality, its been decided the crew will be referred to using its full name from now on. The crew’s logo and signal will also be changed for better creativity after a speedy revision process.”

Fans have noticed that Mnet did not apologize to Cube despite a clear statement from the agency asking for it, Mnet is also being criticized for blaming the name stylization on the crew itself and not checking properly before the announcement was made.

What are your thoughts on this?

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