BTOB Members And Fans Can Stop Crying At Last Concert As 7 Before Eunkwang’s Enlistment

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BTOB members can’t stop their tears from falling as they greet fans one last time as 7 before the eldest and the leader of their group enlists later this month.

The sudden enlistment announcement of Eunkwang’s took fans by surprise, it wasn’t expected at all, fans were shocked by the news.

BTOB had held their concert “This is Us” on August 10th, 11th, and 12th. This would be their last concert as a full group before Eunkwang enlists on August 21st.

The members started to shed tears during the final days of concert. Hyunsik and Changsub who have never shed tears since their debut in front of their fans couldn’t hold back and cried.

Eunkwang cried and struggled to stop his tears, Sungjae was also crying and struggling to hold it together.

Not only the members were crying but their fans as well who held sweet supportive signs of Eunkwang, the signs assure Eunkwang that fans will always be there for him and support him,

“Lets never let go. If you guys are tired and your grip loosens. I’ll hold on tighter.”

Wishing Eunkwang the best!

How do you feel about this BTOB fans?

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