[TRENDING] Famous Kpop Idol Charged For Use Of Propofol Turns Out To Be Brown Eyed Girls Gain, Agency Issues An Apology

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Brown Eyed Girls Gain’s agency has apologized for her recent controversy!

For the past couple of days, it was reported that a famous kpop female idol has been charged and fined for using propofol. Later reports then revealed the idol was Brown Eyed Girls Gain.

This was revealed through the indictment of a plastic surgeon who received a prison sentence for selling etomidate to several patients including Ga In across 21 occasions since 2019 and for injecting propofol to four people including Ga In.

As a result, Ga In was fined 1 million won (approximately $884) for propofol use between July and August of 2019.

On July 1, her agency Mystic Story released an official statement apologizing for the controversy.

They stated,

“Last year, Ga In was indicted for propofol and was fined 1 million won.

Even though Ga In and her agency both recognized that it was socially inappropriate behavior, we bow our heads in apology for not being able to apologize for the mistake earlier and causing further concern with the sudden news.”

Through their statement, they also revealed that the idol has been struggling with major and minor troubles during her idol activities over the years,

“She’s experienced severe pain, depression, and severe sleep disorder. She made a reckless decision. Although, it is the artist individual pain that has built up over the past few years to situations that can’t be explained, the artist and the agency, which should be together as one with the artist, were unable to find a wise way for her to escape this pain. We feel strong responsibility for our shortcomings.”

They wrapped up their statement with an apology for the controversy promising Ga In will do better in the future.

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