British Kpop Girl Group KAACHI Disbands

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British Kpop Girl Group KAACHI has disbanded!

On February 28, the group’s official SNS shared the news. Here is what they wrote,

After the careful discussions behind the scene, we are making an announcement that the official contract between the company, Nicole and Chunseo has been terminated.
We will be happily rooting for each other whatever we do, wherever we are. The documentary Nicole and Chunseo participated in as the main cast will be officially released in the upcoming May.
Please look forward to it:) We wish all the best for Nicole and Chunseo’s future endeavours. Thank you everyone for all the love and support.”

The group originally consisted of four members Dani, Nichol, Coco and Chunseo. A while back, the group announced via social media that Coco will be leaving the group. In 2021, Dani had also left, this means the group has officially disbanded with the remaining two members also terminating their contracts with the agency.

Wishing the best for the members!

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