[BREAKING] NU’EST Members Confirm Disbandment Through Handwritten Letters To Fans

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NU’EST will officially disband soon!

On February 28, PLEDIS Entertainment released an official statement to Weverse announcing that JR, Aron, and Ren will be leaving the company, while Baekho and Minhyun will renew their contracts.

PLEDIS didn’t use the word ‘disbandment’ in their statement so fans had a slight hope that the group might be staying together, however, they stated the following, ‘the group will cap off their official activities as NU’EST of PLEDIS Entertainment with their album that will be released in March.’

Later that day, NU’EST members personally took to Weverse to confirm the group has disbanded. Leader JR wrote, “After a long period of thoughts and discussion, we have each decided to go our separate ways.” He signed off his letter with,’ this has been NU’EST JR.’

Each member wrote a personal handwritten letter to fans expressing their gratitude for staying by their side while promising to continue promoting in the future.

As previously stated, NU’EST will release one last album together in March before their disbandment. The group lasted 10 years together.

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