Blockberry Creative Says Chuu Should Prove Her Innocense If She Wishes To, Asks Fans To Stop Doubting Or Speculating About Their Previous Notice

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After Chuu, a member of the girl group LOONA, was kicked out for allegedly abusing her power, her agency Blockberry Creative addressed various rumors surrounding Chuu’s expulsion from the group.

On November 28, regarding the announcement of Chuu’s removal from the group, the agency said that the notice of expulsion of Chuu was made explaining the current situation and it was not intended to expose Chuu’s power abuse on the staff and touched on the speculations going around online.

Check out the full statement of the agency below:

The notice was a notice explaining the current situation and asking for understanding from fans who have loved LOONA for a long time, and it is not intended to expose Chuu’s power abuse to the public and media.
After the announcement was made, articles like ‘give us the evidence,’ ‘Chuu is not that kind of person’ and ‘The company is hurting her’ were raised to us for a few days.
It is a natural explanation process to tell the reason for her expulsion, but it is the right of Chuu herself or the hurt staff to provide facts and evidence if they wish to.
If there is anything unfair or they’re willing to correct the facts, the parties should reveal it themselves, and we have already confirmed what happened between Chuu and the staff.
In other words. If Chuu and the victim agree on revealing evidence related to abusive language and power abuse, we will cooperate in providing the content and evidence.
There were a lot of stories about Chuu this year, but we and the members spent time without saying anything thinking about the team’s future and fans’ concerns.
We tried our best to show good things through the stage and content.”

Blockberry Creative also goes on to ask fans to stop speculating about the previous notice, writing, “please stop writing speculative reports without evidence and malicious comments and rumors defaming the agency regarding this fan notice going forward.”

The newly released statement was poorly received by fans.

Previously, on November 25, LOONA’s agency announced that it would expel and remove Chuu from the group, saying, “We recently investigated Chuu’s abusive remarks against our staff, and the company’s CEO has apologized and comforted the staff.

However, various suspicions have been raised online over the announcement of the removal of Chuu by the agency, sparking another controversy.

Meanwhile, this is not the first controversy between Chuu and LOONA’s agency. Even before the announcement of the expulsion, suspicions have been raised several times among some fans that the agency may be neglecting Chuu. There were also all kinds of rumors about Chuu’s absence from this month’s LOONA Concert.

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