Block B’s Zico Discharged From The Military Today

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Block B’s Zico is back!

On April 29, KOZ Entertainment announced in an official statement that the idol will be discharged later today after he completed serving the military, he will be discharged quietly and without any events due to COVID-19.

Zico had enlisted in the military back in July of 2020, he’s served as a social service worker. Fans are excited to welcome Zico back and expectations for his return are building up as he’s known for having produced and written some of the biggest most successful songs in recent memory.

Zico founded KOZ Entertainment back in November of 2018 after leaving his group agency following his contract expiration. It was a one-man agency until Zico recruited a talented rookie artist by the name Dvwn. The agency was acquired by HYBE in November of 2020.

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