Block B’s P.O To Live With His Long Time Ideal Type Sandara Park

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One of the longtime fanboys of Dara the former 2ne1 member will have his dream come true.

Block B’s P.O is currently a part of the variety show “Living Together In Empty Room”.

It was revealed that Dara has finished filming as a roommate with the block b’s rapper P.O.

This isn’t the first time Dara and P.O interacted on a variety show. During an episode of  lipstick prince  P.O was over the moon to see Dara guest on the show, he admitted she was his ideal type.

By the end of the episode she gave him a back hug knowing that she’s his ideal type which made him pretty happy.

Fans of both idols are excited to see how will P.O interact with Dara as roommates.

Have you been following up with “Living Together In Empty Room”?

My Reaction

Omgggggg I am a huge BBC and omg I bet ori maknae is so happy right now, I am so happy for him, he’s so adorable.

I will be watching this episode, I can’t wait to see how shyly he’ll react around her, it’ll be super adorable!

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