Block B Park Kyung Praises BTS Jin For Speaking Up About Chart Manipulation

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Block B Park Kyung talked about BTS Jin speech about Sajaegi at the 2019 MAMA.

Sajaegi is when an artist/agency pays for brokers to bulk buy an album or stream a song which is considered illegal, this results in the song rising up the charts at weird times when everybody is usually sleeping and not streaming. It’s been difficult to catch singers who use sajaegi.

Previously, Block B’s member Park Kyung spoke up about sajaegi and name-dropped a couple of artists which resulted in him getting sued by all the artists he mentioned. Despite that, Park Kyung didn’t back down and chose to fight the lawsuits head on with the support of his agency who didn’t turn their backs on him despite the lawsuits awaiting him.

During their speech at the 2019 MAMA for Song of The Year award, Jin said,

“There are many artists- including those who are here today- who make good songs, I hope the world will become a place where all of those songs are recognized and listened to a lot.

There are dishonest ways being used which are okay too, “but what about making music with more honest methods?”

I hope for a time when everyone’s making good music and listening to good music.”

On December 5, Park Kyung mentioned BTS speech on his radio show “Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio.” He played BTS “Make It Right” and said,

“We listened to BTS song featuring Lauv. I saw that BTS won a lot of awards yesterday. They also gave a cool speech.”

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