Block B P.O And WINNER Mino Make Headlines For Stopping Students From Bullying This Model

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BFFs Block B P.O and WINNER Mino go way back and what people say about them will make you love them even more.

Block B P.O and WINNER Mino were known for being goofy during high school; many netizens had previously shared stories about how goofy and nice they are in real life.

One particular story about how kind Block B P.O and WINNER Mino are is being spread everywhere.

Model and YouTuber Choi Ye Seul has recently spoken up about her relationship with Block B P.O and WINNER Mino and how they helped her out during High school. One community post brought up her past interview and many began talking about it again.

She revealed that she used to get bullied at Hanlim Arts High School, she was also the outcast and people didn’t treat her nicely, however, Block B P.O and WINNER Mino interfered and made her life a lot easier.

She revealed that she was able to make it through because of their help, they had helped her out a lot, she says that they might’ve thought she looked pitiful as the transfer student who got bullied but she was thankful for them.

Many netizens showered Block B P.O and WINNER Mino with compliments upon seeing the community post.

Are you a fan of them?

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