BLINKs Upset With BLACKPINK Stylist Again After Seeing The Girls Outfits For Their Grammy Showcase Debut

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It’s no secret, some BLINKs really really don’t like BLACKPINK Stylist!

A portion of the fandom had previously complained about the stylist on several occasions. In some occasions, fans pointed out how Rosé and Lisa are always dressed badly in comparison to the rest of the group members.

Many fans pointed out that Lisa is always given weird outfits that don’t compliment her great body.

Yesterday was an important day for both BLINKs and BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK made their American performance debut at the Universal Music Group’s Grammy Artist showcase.

On such an important day, fans expected the girls to be dressed amazingly. Again, they were disappointed with the outfits the girls wore.

Jennie was dressed in Chanel, Jisoo wore Make, Rose wore Versace and Lisa wore Marine Serre. All the outfits were expensive from prestigious brands. However, fans were still unimpressed.

Here is some of what they’re saying:

What did you think of their style?

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