BLINKs Send Another Round Of Trucks To YG Entertainment Buildings Demanding Better Treatment For BLACKPINK

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BLINKs have done it again!

On May 14, BLINKs revealed that the project they have been working on is finally up and running. The fandom has sent another round of trucks outside all of YG Entertainment’s buildings; they’re demanding better treatment of the group despite their recent comeback announcement.

The trucks are displaying signs that air the fandom demands for the group and the trucks are also blasting BLACKPINK songs right in front of YG’s buildings. Check out a video of this below:

The trucks are said to be traveling to YG, THE BLACK LABEL, and various broadcasting and media outlets. The fandom has also sent emails to Korean news outlets asking them to cover the story. The trucks will run for two days, May 14-15.

The demands aren’t that different from the last time the fandom had done it, they have 12 demands including proper promotions for the group, 2 comebacks per year, at least an album with 6 songs, following through with the release of the rest of the members’ solos, utilizing their social media accounts to better promote them, release content constantly, more appearances on variety shows and end of year award ceremonies, setting time for the album pre-orders, and legal action against those who spread malicious comments and false rumors. Check out the full list of demands below:

The fandom is also trending two hashtags on twitter, #남들_반만큼이라도_해봐_와2지and #NO_More_Lies_YG.

They want to publicize their demands and want a proper response from the agency unlike last time. The fandom is feeling restless despite the agency recently confirming the group’s comeback. They’re set to return in June but there aren’t any further details on the matter.

The fandom also attached a list of all the songs YG artists released from 2018-2020 and BLACKPINK was the group with the lowest amount of songs having released only 6.

YG has not yet issued a response to the demands, various Korean news outlets are covering the story and its blowing up on social media.

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