BLINKs Crank Up The Heat On YG Entertainment, Continue To Broadcast Their Demands Around Seoul

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BLINKs prove they’re one of the most dedicated fandoms on the plant, they continue to protest BLACKPINK lack of activities in the most innovative way possible.

BLINKs had previously bought ads to broadcast alongside YG Entertainment headquarters which prompted the agency to respond. The fandom demanded the agency gives better promotions to BLACKPINK; they also asked for Rose’s solo and for the agency to allow BLACKPINK to attend end-year ceremonies.

YG Entertainment indeed issued a response but it was poorly received by the majority of the fandom since the apology didn’t even address the fandom demands or add anything they didn’t already know about. YG explained that they’re all ears and that BLACKPINK are currently working on new music, they didn’t specify an exact release date.

The fandom is already aware that BLACKPINK comeback has been delayed from the end of 2019 to early 2020, they had hoped the agency would address their demands better, but their response prompted the fandom to take more measures to ensure a better response next time.

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BLINKs scaled up their protests and placed ads on billboards and signs across Seoul demanding an explanation as to why BLACKPINK aren’t promoting.

Check out some of the photos below:

What do you think of the agency’s response? Do you think the fandom will get a better response next time from YG?

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