BLANK2Y’s Youngbin Leaves The Group After Former Girlfriend’s Friend Alleges He Attempted To Strangle Her Because She Wanted To Break Up

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BLANK2Y’s Youngbin has left his group!

On February 25th, BLANK2Y’s agency Keystone Entertainment released an official statement confirming that “after verifying the facts related to an issue raised through an online community, it was confirmed that the person involved in the issue was Youngbin. The company has decided for Youngbin to leave the team.”

Earlier that day, an online community post alleged that an idol member physically assaulted his girlfriend during a date. The author, who identified themselves as the victim’s friend, claimed, “My friend wrote a statement on February 19th and will be undergoing a victim interview on the 26th. My friend and idol Y dated for about three months, but when my friend tried to break up with him, he assaulted her.”

The author continued, “He grabbed her by the neck, dragged her into an alley, tried to snatch her phone and threw it away, and choked her until she passed out. If the people around us hadn’t helped, my friend might not have been in this world anymore. She also has a medical certificate of injury. I think it’s wrong to physically assault someone to the point of fainting just because they broke up with someone they loved.”

The author provided evidence such as photos and text messages between the idol member and the friend.

After netizens began to point out that it could be Youngbin, the agency quickly decided to have him leave the group after assessing the situation. The following is the full statement from Keystone Entertainment:

“Hello, this is Keystone Entertainment.
First of all, we sincerely apologize to all of the fans and many people who have been inconvenienced and worried.
After confirming the facts related to the issue raised in a certain online community today, we have identified that the person involved in the matter is indeed our member, Youngbin. We would like to inform you of Youngbin’s decision and BLANK2Y’s future plans.
We have decided that Youngbin will withdraw from the group, and BLANK2Y will continue its activities without Yeongbin from today’s scheduled performance, KROSS Vol.2.
Once again, we sincerely apologize to our fans and many others for the inconvenience and concern caused by this matter related to member Yeongbin.
We will do our best to help BLANK2Y grow as artists.
Thank you.”

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