BLACKSWAN’s Judy And Youngheun Graduate From The Group, Fans Puzzled

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BLACKSWAN’s Judy and Youngheun have left the group.

On July 31, DR Music released an official statement to the group’s Instagram account announcing the news.

In their statement, they revealed that after many discussions regarding the future of both Judy and Youngheun, they have decided to move on from the group and thus, graduated.

The agency explains that the group has operated on a graduation system from the get-go which is why two new members Gabi and Sriya were added.

Read their statement below!

Hello, we’re DR Music.

First of all, we’d like to thank Lumina for always supporting BLACKSWAN
Young Heun and Judy, who have been members of BLACKSWAN since their debut, are graduating from BLACKSWAN today.

Since it’s such a heart breaking decision, it is difficult for all the staff of DR Music to deliver such a message to you.

We had several discussions with Young Heun and Judy about the future over the past few months, but Young Heun and Judy decided to take a different path to fulfill their new dreams, and we also decided to respect their moves.

They debuted as BLACKSWAN in 2020 and have been working diligently from the beginning until now for the past two years, and now they are returning as Koh Young Heun and Kim Da Hye.

BLACKSWAN has been operating by introduction and graduation system from the initial planning stage. That’s how Gabi and Sriya from the first generation of Cygnus Project recently joined the group. We are happy to continue presenting various talented people from globe to you through these projects.

BLACKSWAN will be participating schedules with four existing members for a while.

Since it’s an important issue, we sincerely apologize for the delay in updating to make a careful decision and for causing concern to the fans. Lastly, please support the BLACKSWAN members and Young Heun and Judy who graduated.

Thank you.
DR Music.”

Meanwhile, Youngheun and Judy had been with BLACKSWAN since the group’s 2020 re-debut and were vital members of the group being responsible for two main positions.

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  1. I will miss them a lot, I wish them the best, I hope Fatou and the other members leave DR Music as well, they were my bias in Blackswan, I was hoping an OT6 comeback but suddenly get this news.
    P.S girl groups like Blackswan shouldn’t go with the graduation and admission concept, it will never make the group popular, it will ruin the group’s reputation like how 9muses reputation was ruined because of the constant lineup changes, Rania had already suffered like this, now Blackswan, DR Music should not debut any group in the future, all Blackswan members should just leave the label and find another agency and redebut with the original members again as 6 with two new members

  2. Well it odd,but saying that it’s thsi doggy entertainment and people are still auditioning for it…why? Because they desperately want to become a kpop idol! Now if we basing the graduation on ages, fatou should leave! But of course the popular member has to stay…why money bringer

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