BLACKPINK’s Rose Finally Responds IU‘s Love Call For A Collaboration

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Finally the BLACKPINK vocalist Rose reacts to IU’s previous statement that made all fans eagerly waiting for a possible collaboration.

On a previous interview with the mega star IU, she talked about the vocalist she’d like to collaborate with and mentioned BLACKPINK’s Rose.

The super rookies BLACKPINK were a guest on MBC every1’s show “Weekly Idol”, she was (as expected) asked about her reaction to IU’s statement.

She fangirled when asked about IU and admitted that her father sent her the proof of IU talking about her, she said:

“In our family group chat, my dad sent me a part of IU’s interview, when she said she would like to sing with me. Back then I couldn’t believe what I saw, I told my dad ‘no way’, he then sent me a video proof of her saying that.”

Then as expected the MCs wanted Rose to rely a video message to IU, she cutely posed for the camera and said:

“IU sunbaenim, hello! I am Rose of BLACKPINK. I am so honoured that you chose me, I will continue to work hard, I really look up to you, thank you.”

Defconn then asked the idol to sing an IU song, after consulting the members briefly she sang a part of IU’s famous song “You & I” charming the MCs with her vocals.

You can check out the full segment here.

We would love to see a collaboration happen between the two, don’t you think?

Source: MBC & (A)

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