BLACKPINK’s Jennie Talks About Being Bilingual, Her New HBO Series, What “Icon” Stands For And More In ELLE Interview

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie had a “Q & A” session while doing a photoshoot for ELLE, lets take a look at what she said in the interview!

Below are the questions and the idol’s answer to them.

Q: The vlog series you shared on the YouTube channel is one of the best videos to get a glimpse of the real you. Have you read all the books you chose at the LA bookstore?

A: Of course! I read the books I buy from time to time. I haven’t been able to read many books lately, but I’m planning to read them when I’m on a plane or when I’m resting. If I have a chance, I’ll introduce them, too.

Q: The title of BLACKPINK’s second full-length album released in September is “Born Pink”. As the album title, what do you think you’re born with?

A: My mindset and attitude of enjoying the stage. I get nervous before I go up on stage, but when I am on stage, I know how to focus and enjoy the energy on the stage.

Q: Not only “Pink Venom” and “Shutdown”, but also the lyrics and performances of the songs in the album have strong hip-hop aspects. With what mindset do you go up on the stage?

A: Performing our songs on stage is an opportunity to show our songs directly. Each and every song is so precious that I try to enjoy it as much as I can. I think that energy is delivered well to the audience when you truly enjoy the stage.

Q: Receiving compliments is still a good mood booster for Jennie?

A: Of course. Receiving compliments will always be pleasant. It’s true that I’m sometimes harsh on myself because of my personality of doing things perfectly without making any mistakes, but when I receive a compliment like, “Good job!” I feel relieved that my efforts were not in vain.

Q: This year’s HBO series “The Idol” will feature all the well-known foreign stars such as The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, and Troye Sivan. Doing your first acting challenge overseas is exceptional.

A: As the word itself, it’s a challenge. I had to adapt to a new environment, and I experienced something that I had never experienced before while doing music activities. I believe it will help me a lot in my life and music activities.

Q: You’re also a bilingual that travels to and from various countries and is fluent in Korean and English. Does this thing affect Jennie’s perspective of looking at the world?

A: It is very helpful to experience the cultures of different countries directly. Of course, you can experience it indirectly through various media now, but it’s another thing to feel it directly. When I see various things and meet new people, I feel that the stereotypes that I had about things get broken up little by little. That kind of experience helps me when I do creative work.

Q: An icon can be defined in many ways. What is being “ICON” for Jennie?

A: A person who has clear opinions and ideas. Wouldn’t someone be called an “icon” only when they have the ability to ask questions to people from their own perspective rather than just answering things that everyone agrees with or telling stories that everyone will like?

Q: The world tour will begin on October 15 and 16, starting with performances in Seoul. By the first half of next year, you will meet 1.5 million audiences in more than 30 cities. If have any resolutions before you go on this journey, what that would be?

A: I’m excited. Since we haven’t had a concert for a long time, I want to meet the fans as soon as possible and present the music I’ve worked hard on in front of many people. Above all, I’m looking forward to seeing myself grow up once more after this journey. I hope that I can become a person who fits the word “Icon” better then.

Doesn’t she look beautiful in this photoshoot?

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