BLACKPINK’s Collaboration With Lady Gaga Is Finally Confirmed? Official Tracklist Dropped At Last

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Guess it’s finally official!

Fans have been suspecting that BLACKPINK would be collaborating with Lady Gaga after somebody leaked the tracklist of her upcoming album. Fans were excited about the possibility of a collaboration between the two acts.

Now fans get to officially celebrate that at last!

Target official store has listed the album Chromatica on their website for pre-order, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the cover photo also included the tracklist and when they zoomed in they saw BLACKPINK’s name on the list.

The name of the collaboration track is “Sour Candy” and its list with special guest: “BLACKPINK.”

With an official store as big as Target listing the album like that, fans can safely assume the collaboration is actually happening. YG is yet to comment on this.

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Are you happy to see them collaborating?

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