BLACKPINK To Come back In March, Rosé’s Solo Song Coming Up Plus More Exciting News From Yang Hyun Suk

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As promised yesterday by Yang Hyun Suk, he got back today (February 8) to YG blog to talk about BLACKPINK future news and promotions.

He answered the most important question first, ‘when will BLACKPINK release new music?’ to that he answered,

“We plan for BLACKPINK to release a new song in mid to late March. It’ll be an EP with many new songs.

BLACKPINK don’t have as many songs compared to the time they’ve been active, so I am aware of fans and understand their desire to see the group release more songs more often and to release a full-length album. I am sorry for not being able to fulfill your requests.”

He also touched on the subject of quantity verses quality, he said that BLACKPINK needs to release quality music and music videos. He also excited fans more when saying that he felt a deeps sigh of relief when hearing “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” adding that he felt the same this time as well.

He also talked about Rosé upcoming solo song revealing that he plans on releasing the song after BLACKPINK’s upcoming EP, he says the song is already finished and it fits her vocal range well.

He also commented on Lisa and Jisoo upcoming releases assuring fans that they’re working on them. He says he wishes for BLACKPINK in 2019 to have two comebacks, and release the remaining solo tracks of each member.

He also talked about the group’s upcoming promotions in America, he highlighted their highly anticipated performance Coachella, he added the group will be doing local promotions as well during their worldtour leg in Europe and America.

He said,

“With the support of Universal Music and InterScope Records, the girls are expected to promote in variety of ways such as radio, magazines and newspapers in addition to the famous TV programs appearances.”

He also talked about the statistics side of why he’ll push for BLACKPINK advancement in America. He talked about YouTube statistics and how the American and European market fair in terms of revenue for “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video.

He says that he feels the foreign market is like the blue ocean to BLACKPINK, he also talked about his recent meeting with Universal Music Group Chairman, Lucian Grainge and Interscope Records Chairman, John Janick. He explained they’re excited about BLACKPINK and have deep affection towards them, they will be ensuring the girls have successful promotions in America.

Finally, he added that he’ll be returning with news on new releases by WINNER and iKON.

How do you feel about this?

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My Thoughts

Its cool that he posted this, let’s hope he follows through with this!

Personally, I still feel conflicted about BLACKPINK advancing to the American market in such short notice. I am not going to deny that I feel Yang Hyun Suk is riding the wave fueled by BTS which isn’t a wrong choice from a business perspective.

However, to base the advancement on mere YouTube views and revenue is kinda offshore so I am sure there is a lot more than this, which was taken into consideration behind the scenes we just don’t know about it.

Personally, the girls still haven’t proven to me they’re deserving of the popularity they have. I do understand they made good songs but I haven’t seen anything that made me validate the reason for their huge popularity.

I don’t hate the girls and I do think they’re cute and talented, but is it to the level of popularity they have? I don’t think so, at least, not yet! They still have a lot they need to work on.

I am sure their next comeback will be even more successful, they have a lot of fans who will ensure the girls are supported. I just hope that YG will know how to handle them in case they grew extremely popular in America, we don’t want them to abandon their roots either.

I do sense a huge change to YG’s tactics, he’s even mentioned that Treasure 13 won’t be composing their own songs, I think he’s slowly but surely given away to the market because he realizes the methods he used with WINNER and iKON weren’t the best.

iKON are good but their two recent comebacks failed to chart well in Korea, their most recent comeback was even worse than the one before it (I have been keeping track of their progress on Korean charts).

iKON was hailed as the next BIGBANG but the group never really took off until “Love Scenario” and the huge success of that song is burdensome because the boys will have to always exceed that, so far, they haven’t successfully done so.

YG tactics aren’t especially bad but when you consider the Korean market, his tactics and the way he handles his artists aren’t that great and sometimes they’re damaging and wasteful of the artist talent.

He needs to adapt to the market and its demands because if he misses the mark, the groups he spent million on will be forgotten and replaced.

I think he fears that with Treasure 13 so he’s pushing for their debut so soon and trying to build even more hype around it, he also won’t have them work on their own songs because it adds so much pressure and extends the hiatus period, another clever move from his side.

It’ll be interesting to see how YG changes in order to adapt to the market needs, especially since neither WINNER nor iKON were able to take off as he’d wished (not to say the groups are a failure).

Anyways, wishing the best of luck to the girls, they’ll need it and I can’t wait to hear what he has in stores for WINNER and iKON.

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