BREAKING: BLACKPINK Reportedly Moving Agencies From YG Entertainment To The Black Label Following Contract Expiration In 2023, YG Affiliate Responds

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Following the news of iKON’s departure from YG Entertainment after their contract expired, its been reported that BLACKPINK will also be moving agencies after their contracts expire next year.

On December 30, media outlet Kpop Herald exclusively reported that the members of BLACKPINK will be moving to The Black Label after their contracts expire next year. They claim,

BLACKPINK will change their agency to YG affiliate The Black Label, founded by Teddy, according to our sources. The industry insider added that the discussions over changing the girls’ management have been made since early this year.
Asked about BLACKPINK moving to The Black Label, YG official said, “I’m not in the position to confirm the news, but our contracts with the members have not yet ended. It’s hard to confirm whether they will sign with The Black Label or not after their contracts end.”

BLACKPINK debuted in August of 2016 and becomes 7 years old in 2023.

Similarly, Taeyang of BIGBANG moved his agency to The Black Label recently after his contract expired with YG.

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