BLACKPINK Lisa’s Close Friend Reveals Details About How And Why She Targeted And Scammed For 1 Billion Won

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Earlier today, it was revealed that BLACKPINK Lisa’s former manager scammed her for 1 billion won ($817,661 USD). Reports stated that he blew it away on gambling and took advantage of how close he was to Lisa and the fact that she had no parents with her since she came all the way from Thailand.

But fans have been wondering about the details of how such a horrific thing could’ve happened to Lisa and according to this report from Sport Chosun, more details have been shared.

Sport Chosun held an interview with Lisa’s close friend who shed more light on the issue. Apparently manager J has been with BLACKPINK even before their debut and was in charge of taking care of the members, he especially looked after them during their overseas tours and was a very ‘kind and sincere person, he was so kind people called him naïve,’ the friend recalled.

Manager J was the second person the members trusted the most after producer Teddy. The Friend also added,

“Then he started to change, no one knew why first. I heard he started going to entertainment establishments and overspent money, which caused him issues and he became indebted to others.

That’s how he came to illegal gambling. I heard he got a lot of money but after he lost it, he became more obsessed with gambling.

As the debt grew bigger, he had no way of paying it back and seems to have gotten his hands on Lisa’s money. Other members have parents in Korea, but Lisa was targeted because she came from Thailand. “

The friend claims that the damage amount is more than 1 billion won and as the facts became known to YG, an internal investigation and disciplinary action was carried out and he quit working for BLACKPINK, and after he paid back some of the money, he quit.  

The friend also added that Lisa feels deeply betrayed by the manager whom she trusted with her money and is very hurt by this.

YG Entertainment confirmed she was scammed for 1 billion won earlier today after reports emerged about the issue. Fans feel deeply hurt for Lisa and have been sending her lots of encouraging messages.

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