BLACKPINK Lisa Is Getting Death Threats, Fans Urge YG To Strongly Respond

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BLACKPINK Lisa is being threatened by internet users and BLINKs are scared.

Recently, accounts on instagram and twitter have been popping up threatening to do harm to BLACKPINK Lisa. The issue has been going on for a couple of days; fans are deeply worried about what those accounts have been stating.

One twitter account threatened to shoot Lisa on her group’s comeback stage, BLACKPINK had confirmed they were coming back in June earlier today.

Some think the accounts are merely trolling and don’t mean it, to that, BLACKPINK Lisa’s fans are fighting back and stating that all threats should be taken seriously since Lisa is a very well-known idol and naturally has many admirers and haters as well.

Fans have been mass-emailing YG Entertainment to ask them to take strict action against those threats and ask for a stricter protection to Lisa.

The news has also reached China, Chinese netizens are showing their love and support to Lisa on instagram promising they will always be there to support and protect her.

Fans have also been trending #ProtectLisa on twitter urging fans to report those accounts and send emails to YG about the serious issue.

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