BLACKPINK Lisa And GOT7 BamBam Recent Indirect Interaction Is Gaining Buzz

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BLACKPINK Lisa and GOT7 BamBam are known for being close friends who go away back; the two have known each other since they were young.

However, due to many restrictions, the idols are rarely seen interacting with each other. BamBam did mention her in Thai interviews but try their best not to stir controversy in South Korea.

They can’t usually meet up or publish their photos of get-togethers because it might cause misunderstandings; Lisa is still young in the game and has debuted less than three years ago.

When the controversy around netizens disrespect and racism towards Lisa spread, BamBam talked about it with Thai press and assured fans she was doing okay.

He had contacted her and told her he’d buy her a meal when he called to check up on her back then.  It looks like that friendly get-together might have happened, because BamBam has published a photo taken by Lisa herself.

On January 16, he posted a photo of a street to his Instagram, in the photo he captioned,

“Photo by. @lalalalisa_m #AIS.”

Fans were extremely happy by the indirect mention of Lisa; this hints at two possibilities, they either got together for a meal when they were in Thailand or Lisa has sent him a picture and he posted it to his instagram.

We hope to see more interactions between BamBam and Lisa in the future!


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Photo by. @lalalalisa_m 🇹🇭 #AIS

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