BLACKPINK Jennie Transforms Into A Blond Princess For Comeback Teaser Photo

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Jennie is the next one up for BLACKPINK’s comeback teaser photos.

After YG Entertainment confirmed the group’s comeback on April 5th with “Kill This Love,” Jennie teaser photo has been released.

It’s taken in a similar fashion to Lisa’s photo. Jennie is sporting a bright blonde look that caused quite the stir in the fandom, some are loving it while others, not so much.

Here are fans comments:

“Being honest – doesn’t fit her. Doesn’t look terrible or anything like that just not for her. Just my opinion.”

“Her scalp looks so rough”

“Brown looked better….”

“She looks old like in her 30 maybe bcoz they try to looks mature since america doesnt like cute stuff”

“She looks like SISTAR Hyorin.”

“Oh no. I think another color would have fit her better.”

“am I the only one who kinda likes it? maybe it just looks weird in the pic”

“I’m living for this look. She reminds me of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill”

“Am I the only one loving blonde Jennie?? I lovvveeeee itttttttttt”

“She kinda looks like a softer version of the rapper Cheetah. I like the blonde but prefer her natural hair color.”

“Stunningly gorgeous.”

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On the other hand, there are many BLINKs who are convinced she’s wearing a wig.

What do you personally think?

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